1.The Why to bikini hair

Why do we have bikini hair?

It is a biological indication of readiness for reproduction. This hair is said to promote the retention of pheromones attracting sexual partners for possible conception. It also protects the genital area from friction. Furthermore, it helps maintain the optimal temperature in the pubic region when the weather is too hot or too cold. We think this fact is more relevant for the days wearing underwear wasn’t a thing, but it acts as a protection from bacteria and other unwanted pathogens from entering the body through the bikini area.

So even though it is extremely irritating and embarrassing to talk about, bikini hair really has an important role to play on your body…especially in the days that hygiene products and underwear were not a thing. Therefore, it makes sense that at the majority of “openings” on your body such as the bikini area has hair, it is used as a protective mechanism & filter of all things bad.

2.The Behind…

Is it normal to have butt hair?

Not many want to own it, but pretty much everyones bikini hair extends to the back. Hair around the anus is an absolutely normal occurrence. The distribution of hair is often due to genetics. Until now, scientists haven’t seen eye to eye on why anus hair grows, but, according to the most popular theory, the hair is needed to retain scent, which, in turn, attracts potential partners.

According to another theory, the hair softens friction and prevents irritation.

Can you laser bikini & butt hair?

Yes! At The Laser Bar, we laser all the bits. This treatment gets difficult when hair grows, you know… IN between and everywhere, but we are trained & experienced to treat all the areas to get you hair free.