Laser Hair removal is a process. Let’s talk you through it.

1. Laser Hair Removal is a commitment.

In order to achieve a status of being “Hair Free”

With Laser Hair Removal, acommitment between the customer & therapist is made. The therapist is responsible for creating the treatment plan & doing the treatments. The customer is responsible to commit to the plan, pitch and be hair free.

2. Laser Hair Removal takes 8-12 treatments.

You won’t be Hair Free immediately

Our hair grows through different phases, & to treat the hair successfully the hair needs to be in Anagen phase- a phase where the hair shaft touches the hair follicle and reaches the feeder of the hair. Hair within a specific treatment area takes a certain amount of months to all go through Anagen phase thus sessions are planned once per month for between 8-12months.

3. Laser Hair Removal works on dark hair.

It works on hair that is a shape darker than your skin

Laser Hair Removal works by the energy being absorbed by the melanin in your hair-AKA the colour in your hair. Thus when your hair is a shade darker than your skin, the energy is absorbed by the hair follicle instead of the surrounding tissue.

4. Treatments are quick.

Underarms take 10min to treat

The Alma Beauty Remove works by treating a specific area in grids- each grid taking about 5min to treat. Furthermore, legs are treated under 40min. It is a pain-free & quick manner of getting rid of hair.

5. You shave in between sessions.

Stop waxing, Stop Plucking & Stop Hair Removal Creams

In between sessions, as the hair doesn’t disappear with one session- you can shave in between sessions. We need the hair to be strong & present beneath the skin. With other hair removal methods, it weakens & removes the hair from beneath the skin. Therefore, the laser treatment results for hair removal will be affected.