Soon to be mom. Can I laser whilst pregnant, whilst breastfeeding, whilst IVF treatments? Everything you need to know about being a Mom & laser hair removal.

Laser and Mom’s to be

Laser Hair Removal, referring to our Alma Beauty Remove laser, penetrates the skin just deep enough to target the hair follicle. The hair shaft conducts the energy to the deeper hair follicle consisting of the feeder responsible for hair growth. The hair shaft conducts the laser’s energy to the follicle causing it to heat up and disrupt the overall growth of the hair. With this being said, our laser does not penetrate deep enough to affect any other organ or surrounding tissue in the body. Thus, our Alma Beauty Remove is not harmful towards fertility or any other functionality of your other organs.

How laser hair removal works. Laser Hair removal and being a mom.
Hair beneath the skin

IVF & Falling pregnant

In the process of falling pregnant, either naturally or through means of IVF treatments, your body goes through a rollercoaster ride of hormonal changes. This is the reason why we don’t treat during this process. With Hormones drastically changing, laser hair removal results are affected and end up less effective. The more stable your hormones, the better the results.

Breastfeeding & Laser Hair Removal

Breastfeeding & Laser Hair Removal

Hormonal changes associated with breastfeeding do tend to increase hair growth but Laser hair removal during breast feeding is fine as long as it is not done on the areola or breast tissue. Although there is no side effect on the feeding of the baby, The Laser Bar does not treat breastfeeding moms. Purely because your body is still neutralising after pregnancy and hormones are still unstable. Thus we treat once you are finished breastfeeding.

Changes in Hair growth during & after pregnancy

Often moms to be get a line of hair on their tummies and intense hair growth on their bikini area or even around the nipples. This is natures way of creating an additional protective layer on moms bod for the baby and is an indication that your hormones are working hard to help your body grow a healthy baby.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimates that extra hair from pregnancy usually fades away within six months of delivery.

If it doesn’t go away, follow up with your doctor. They may want to do a blood test to make sure the extra hair isn’t due to an underlying condition, such as:

Should you still have this hair on your tummy after all your health checks, visit us- we will get rid of it for you.

Moms of moons ago

So you have had laser, and two or three kids later and your hair starts growing back again. This is normal. Having laser done before having your kids is not a waste of time or money! All that happend is that a few hairs spark due to hormonal fluctuations that need to be maintained.

I had laser 10 years ago, after having two kids, I went for 3 sessions to get rid of the hair that grew back on my bikini & underarms.

The Laser Bar- Client

It takes 3-4 sessions to stop those “after preggies” hairs from growing again.

If you are ready to get hair free, give us a call.