Laser Hair Removal & Who should get it

Laser Hair Removal is pretty much for the majority of us!

Laser Hair Removal is not for everyone. Laser Hair Removal works based on using a combination of elements in order to successful.

Elements to consider:

  • Color in your hair: Laser hair Removal works based on targeting melanin in your hair. Melanin is the pigment in your hair and as long as there is pigment. Laser can be done. Hair without pigment is hair such as Grey hair, red and very very blonde hair.
  • Non-waxed hair: Hair should not been waxed for 2-3weeks prior to the laser treatment, wax strip the follicle away from the shaft of hair and thus interrupts the energy conductor to the bulp that needs to be targeted.
  • Moreover, people that travel for long periods of time- you need a cycle of sessions about 4-6weeks apart, should you not follow your cycle, your treatments won’t be effective. You could ask your therapist to put you in contact with another service provider of the same quality in the area you are traveling to to avoid this.
  • Patience is of the essence! With each treatment, hair reduces between 14-17%, allow yourself to go through the treatment cycle to see the results.

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