Is Laser Hair Removal worth it? Let’s tell you why.

1. Laser Hair Removal is Pain-free

due to the Alma Lasers SHR technology

Laser Hair Removal with the Alma Lasers Technology that we use, is pain free. The treatment method of building energy up within a grid, the use of ultrasonic gel as well as the handpiece that cools to -4 degrees all contribute the treatment being pain-free. The treatment method also entails shaving the hair before treating the area, which assists in directing the energy to the hair follicle instead of the superficial skin, which ultimately contributes to the pain-free treatment.

2. Laser treatments are once a month

Treatments and scheduled once a month, making it feasible to attend as well as not being too hectic on your diary. It is very important to stick to your treatment plan and schedule, as the timing of the treatments have an impact on the treatment results.

3. Laser works for female facial hair

laser leaves females stress-free

Laser Hair Removal works on all types of hair with colour. Females tend to struggle with facial hair on the upperlip and the chin- laser hair removal is perfect for this as it gradually reduces the appearance of the hair without any redness, pimples or ingrown hairs. Therefore, laser hair removal leaves females stress-free of the “recovery” time after laser hair hair removal in the visible areas such as the face.

4. Laser hair removal gets rid of in-grown hairs

Many people struggle with shaving due to in-grown hairs a few day post shaving. Laser treatments work brilliantly as it treats the hair from beneath the skin without irritating the skin above. Therefore, men that suffer from in-grown hair in their necks after shaving. And Females that struggle with in-grown hairs in their bikini areas and and other area that tend to get in-grown hairs after shaving are ideal for laser hair removal treatments.